Tyler Palko

Tyler Palko is the director of business and leadership development for Solutions 21. Through his life experiences, he has developed invaluable leadership skills and understands leadership from various important perspectives.

Thanks to his athletic talents and his knack for leadership, Tyler led his team to championships at every stage in his career. He set records, guided his team to a number of important victories, and was a 3-time captain elected by his peers at the storied football program of Pitt, which has had its share of successful leaders in their own right, including Mike Ditka, Dan Marino, and a number of other Hall of Famers. Tyler’s ambition and dedication led him to achieve his lifelong dream of playing at the highest level in his professional career — the NFL.

He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with degrees in both Communications & Rhetoric and Economics. Through this experience, he was able to witness and study true world-class performers.

Tyler’s competitive advantage is that he implements the lessons learned and philosophies developed to help organizations to rapidly grow and develop effective leaders. He uses his talents to help companies understand the importance of leadership, and assists them with leadership development, coaching, mentorship and more. Tyler is uniquely positioned to develop the next generation of leadership candidates.