Board of Directors


Please click on the names below for Board Officer and Member biographies.  

Board Officers:

Chairman: Tyler Palko
Vice-Chairman: Father Dominic Mancini
President: Damian Rippole
Vice President: Jim Connolly
Secretary: Bob Corcoran
Treasurer: Brian Fixx

Board Members:

Mike Cain
Bryan Cornell
Greg Diulus
Paul Lackner
Coach Bob Palko
John Quigley
Kevin Streussnig



To the Board Members, Volunteers, Sponsors, Friends, and Family,

I have been fortunate in my career to be a part of some great teams, and there is one common denominator in it all that cannot be ignored. It is the understanding that you always make an impact, no matter how big or small your specific role may be, you can always be a game changer.

At the TC House it is no different. Whether you are the organization president or one of our volunteers who can only come once a year, you have all helped make this organization an unbelievable experience for everyone involved. Your support will help provide a positive effect in our community, and it will be all of you that helped us get the TC House built and running as Chris and I hoped and planned.

This entire experience has brought the community closer, and it’s not about us helping others so much as allowing the members of the TC House to help us and touch our lives in a positive way.

We can continue to spread the word about the TC House and are grateful for your support and continued interest in being a part of our organization. We are looking forward to a great year and the groundbreaking of the house.

Thank you for all of you who have made this an amazing 7 years.