Welcome to TC House

TC House Mission

The TC House was started in June 2005 with a vision to help young adults with Special Needs achieve their full potential in the Pittsburgh Airport area. Tyler Palko and the Board of Directors had a goal of getting a friend they have all grown up with by the name of Chris McGough into a home in Imperial, PA. They all believe that Chris and other young Special needs individuals should be able to stay in communities where they have grown up and remain active in these communities. The TC House organization has been hosting golf outings over the past eleven years to raise money to build a home. The house has been built by the community allows individulas to live in a neighborhood and be a part of the community. The house was built as a Hybrid type project where the community helped as an Extreme Makeover/Habitat for Humanity Type Project. Construction began Wednesday March 5, 2014 and completed November 26, 2014. The home is now finished, and it will be a place where individuals with Special Needs will thrive with independence and confidence and live fuller lives by giving back as members of the community. The community has made this project work and continues still comes together to assure its success.